Exhibitions / Albert Oehlen

Aluminum sculpture by Albert Oehlen that is a humanoid form
Albert Oehlen
Works on Paper and a Sculpture
June 9–July 30, 2022
Albert Oehlen, never sleep again / at the steering wheel a man is a man / starter – turn me on, 2019
Albert Oehlen
Tramonto Spaventoso
Gagosian at Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles
June 10–September 11, 2021
Albert Oehlen’s studio, Ispaster, Spain, 2020
Albert Oehlen
Tramonto Spaventoso
Beverly Hills
April 22–June 5, 2021
Jennifer Guidi, Light on the Mountain (Painted Green Sand #7A, Light Pink-Pink-Orange-Yellow Sky, Dark Purple-Blue Mountain, Green Ground), 2020
An Ideal Landscape
980 Madison Avenue, New York
February 9–March 27, 2021
Albert Oehlen, Untitled, 2019
Albert Oehlen
New Paintings
Hong Kong
September 12–November 9, 2019
Jackson Pollock, Moon Vibrations, c. 1953–55
Continuing Abstraction
June 10–July 13, 2019
Albert Oehlen: SEXE, RELIGION, POLITIQUE, rue de Ponthieu, Paris
Albert Oehlen
rue de Ponthieu, Paris
October 13–December 21, 2018
Arcadia: 世外桃源, Hong Kong
Hong Kong
September 26–November 9, 2017
Albert Oehlen: Elevator Paintings: Trees, West 21st Street, New York
Albert Oehlen
Elevator Paintings: Trees
West 21st Street, New York
February 28–April 15, 2017
LEXICON: A group exhibition of text-based works, rue de Ponthieu, Paris
A group exhibition of text-based works
rue de Ponthieu, Paris
June 1–September 17, 2016
Albert Oehlen, Grosvenor Hill, London
Albert Oehlen
Grosvenor Hill, London
February 5–March 24, 2016
Prototypology: An Index of Process and Mutation, Rome
An Index of Process and Mutation
January 14–April 2, 2016
Beverly Hills 20-Year Anniversary Invitational Exhibition, 1995–2015, Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills 20-Year Anniversary Invitational Exhibition, 1995–2015
Beverly Hills
October 30–December 19, 2015
Albert Oehlen: “Home & Garden” Annex, Park & 75, New York
Albert Oehlen
“Home & Garden” Annex
Park & 75, New York
June 17–September 4, 2015
Sprayed: Works from 1929 to 2015, Britannia Street, London
Works from 1929 to 2015
Britannia Street, London
June 11–August 1, 2015
Albert Oehlen: New Paintings, Beverly Hills
Albert Oehlen
New Paintings
Beverly Hills
June 6–July 18, 2014
The Show Is Over, Britannia Street, London
The Show Is Over
Britannia Street, London
October 15–November 30, 2013
Albert Oehlen, Geneva
Albert Oehlen
May 23–July 26, 2013
Group Show, Hong Kong
Group Show
Hong Kong
March 21–May 4, 2013
Albert Oehlen: Drawings, Rome
Albert Oehlen
June 8–July 27, 2012
Albert Oehlen, 980 Madison Avenue, New York
Albert Oehlen
980 Madison Avenue, New York
March 3–April 7, 2012
Fit to Print: Printed Media in Recent Collage, 980 Madison Avenue, New York
Fit to Print
Printed Media in Recent Collage
980 Madison Avenue, New York
November 12, 2007–January 26, 2008