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Photo: Anamarija Ami Podrebarac

New Representation

Jadé Fadojutimi

Gagosian is pleased to announce the representation of Jadé Fadojutimi. To inaugurate the relationship, Fadojutimi will take over the gallery’s booth at Frieze London in October 2022 with an installation of new works.

In her paintings, which are often monumental in scale, Fadojutimi orchestrates color, space, line, and movement in the service of fluid emotion and the quest for self-knowledge. She interprets everyday experience in ways that are at once compelling and confrontational, reflecting a drive to understand more completely otherwise indescribable but perpetually intertwined ideas of identity and beauty.

Fadojutimi draws inspiration from specific locations, cultures, objects, and sounds, especially Japanese anime, clothing, and soundtracks. Writing, too, is key to her process—sometimes she uses it to help articulate the subtleties of her painting; at other times she positions it in parallel to the visual by adopting a more poetic approach.

Photo: Anamarija Ami Podrebarac