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Jim Shaw, Family Stories, 2019 © Jim Shaw


Jim Shaw

February 15–March 26, 2022
Gagosian, Beverly Hills

In anticipation of his first solo exhibition at the gallery in 2023, Gagosian, Beverly Hills, is pleased to present a selection of works by Jim Shaw, who joined the gallery in 2021. The wide sampling of works on view comprises paintings, drawings, and sculpture that typify the artist’s exploration of the connections between his own psyche and America’s larger political, social, and spiritual histories. These include entries from Shaw’s series Dream Drawings (1992–99), which presents uncanny scenes derived from the artist’s own dream life, and Dream Objects (1994–), which manifests selected items from these nocturnal visions as bizarre, cartoonlike sculptures.

Jim Shaw, Family Stories, 2019 © Jim Shaw

Still from They Live (1988), directed by John Carpenter


Jim Shaw Selects

October 12–27, 2021
Metrograph, New York

Jim Shaw is presenting a selection of conspiracy-minded cinema at Metrograph in New York, inaugurating a new artist-programmer-in-residence series copresented by Gagosian and Metrograph in the theater and online. Jim Shaw Selects will feature six films that kept the artist uneasy company during the paranoiac pandemic time. To attend a screening, purchase tickets at

Still from They Live (1988), directed by John Carpenter