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"The sky is above and there is the sea below and in between is the carnival."

—Paul Noble

Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Paul Noble, the artist's first with the gallery.

Forging a unique and maverick path in the ebullient British art scene, Noble received widespread international recognition for his vast and monumental drawing project, Nobson Newtown. Drawing image after image, story after story—at once architect and town planner, archaeologist and cartographer, social historian and activist, creator and destroyer—over the course of a decade Noble invented and described a melancholy urban vision somewhere between Le Doux's revolutionary utopias, Sim City, and the post-holocaust wastelands pictured in the daily media. Nobson Newtown was Noble's own fantasist master plan of a symbolic city, isometrically rendered and replete with all manner of nightmares, perversions, scatolological and libidinous excesses. A blocky, geometric font (also invented by the artist) structured many of the buildings themselves, providing yet another layer of meaning in this fascinating parody of contemporary society and the dreams of social engineers.

Cover of the book Paul Noble: New Works

Paul Noble: New Works

Cover of the Spring 2017 issue of Gagosian Quarterly magazine, featuring artwork by Rudolf Stingel

Gagosian Quarterly: Spring 2017 Issue