Gagosian Premieres

Session 3
Friday, July 29, 2022

Laura Ortman

As part of Sessions, a new spin-off of Gagosian Premieres, experimental musician and composer Laura Ortman performs “ROSINBOWS” inside Art in Process: Part One—a survey of works by Nam June Paik spanning his career—at Gagosian, 555 West 24th Street, New York. Drawing on her Indigenous lineage, Ortman distorts the sound of her Apache-inflected violin stylings with an array of effects pedals, looping its output with a four-track cassette recorder to create a new piece of improvised music in response to the exhibition. Expressing an affinity with Paik and the Fluxus movement, she harnesses light and color, technology, and the operation of chance to combine visual, aural, and spatial components into a unified environment.

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Episodes of Gagosian Premieres are created in collaboration with an artist and shaped around his or her new gallery exhibition. The exclusively online series features the artists in conversation with the most widely respected figures from the worlds of contemporary literature, music, entertainment, film, and, of course, art, as well as studio visits and intimate performances inspired by and composed in response to the work on view.

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Sessions is a spin-off of Gagosian Premieres featuring short-form videos of performances with music, dance, and poetry by some of today’s most acclaimed creative voices. Sessions can be newly commissioned performances or outtakes from Premieres episodes.