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Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce the first major one-man gallery show of Carsten Höller in London. Carsten Höller's work is about visual perception, and the ways in which the body reacts to different stimuli.

The exhibition will include new sculptures as well as recent photographs and prints. It includes a new film installation using three screens flickering in sequence, filmed by Höller at a concert in Kinshasa, Congo, showing Felix Wazekwa's band. The viewer's persistence of vision creates an illusion of 3-dimensional movement, and the pulsating sound emphasizes the dynamic rhythm.

Höller's "Mirror Carousel", 2005 takes the form of a traditional fairground carousel, functioning but transformed by surfaces with mirror glass and flashing lights so that the movement is intensified, redoubled and destabilised.

The exhibition also includes a new series of photographic works, made by Höller in collaboration with Attilio Maranzano. In apparent contrast, a resin cast of a baby rhinoceros will also be shown, seemingly hallucinatory in that its eyes appear to make it seem alive.

Carsten Höller: Trippelfliegenpilzlampe Weiss lamp

Carsten Höller: Trippelfliegenpilzlampe Weiss (White Triple Fly Agaric Lamp)

Cover of the book Carsten Höller: Y

Carsten Höller: Y

Cover of the book Carsten Höller: Doubt

Carsten Höller: Doubt

Cover of the Summer 2017 issue of Gagosian Quarterly magazine, featuring artwork by Urs Fischer

Gagosian Quarterly: Summer 2017 Issue

Cover of the Gagosian Quarterly: Winter 2023 Issue featuring artwork by Pablo Picasso

Gagosian Quarterly: Winter 2023 Issue