Opening reception: Wednesday, February 26, 6–8pm

Dan Colen


February 26–April 4, 2020
Park & 75, New York

Dan Colen, HELP, 2019–20 Oil on canvas, 28 × 46 ½ inches (71.1 × 118.1 cm)© Dan Colen. Photo: Rob McKeever

Dan Colen, HELP, 2019–20

Oil on canvas, 28 × 46 ½ inches (71.1 × 118.1 cm)
© Dan Colen. Photo: Rob McKeever


I’m interested in the fragility of the moment. When painting, each brushstroke is an opportunity to consider and preserve that moment. Each mark is a decision, from the moment the brush collides with the canvas, and each one can go in so many different directions.
—Dan Colen

Gagosian is pleased to present HELP, an exhibition of new paintings by Dan Colen.

Moving between diverse styles and subjects, Colen investigates the conceptual stakes of materiality and mark making. In his earliest paintings, elements of the supernatural intrude into naturalistic renderings of interior spaces, while his more recent canvases explore the technical, physical, and thematic limits of the medium itself. Colen has often worked with unconventional materials such as chewing gum, soil, and trash, relinquishing control of his work’s final appearance to their unpredictable surfaces. Nevertheless, representational imagery has remained a through line across his oeuvre, allowing him to conduct an ever-evolving inquiry into the objecthood and authority of painting as a medium.

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Dan Colen: High Noon (New York: Gagosian, 2020)

Book Signing

Dan Colen
High Noon

Saturday, March 7, 2020, 3–4pm
Gagosian Shop, New York

Gagosian will host a book signing with Dan Colen to celebrate the publication of High Noon, an exhibition catalogue of his Desert Paintings (2015–19), exhibited at Gagosian, Beverly Hills, in 2018. These large-scale paintings are lush yet schematic interpretations of the arid landscapes from Chuck Jones’s animated shorts featuring Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. The volume also documents two new performances, At Least They Died Together and Carry On Cowboy (both 2018). To attend the free event, RSVP to

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Dan Colen: High Noon (New York: Gagosian, 2020)