Online Exclusive

Daydreams and Nightmares

Gagosian Online
May 5–22, 2021

Frieze Viewing Room
May 5–14, 2021

Gagosian is pleased to present Daydreams and Nightmares, a virtual exhibition of modern and contemporary works that engage with the genre of Surrealism. Today, Surrealism continues to fascinate and evolve as contemporary artists revisit its disruptive ideas. Daydreams and Nightmares considers the legacy of the original movement, and the ways in which its spirit of adventure and subversion of reality have progressed over the past hundred years to foster an ongoing dialogue between art and society.

Some of the featured artists employ innovative techniques to harness the unconscious, while others explore the “dream image” in representational painting. Other artists investigate alternative realities, uncanny visions, and mythical (or imagined) narratives.

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Titus Kaphar, Rapture, 2011 © Titus Kaphar

Titus Kaphar, Rapture, 2011 © Titus Kaphar

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Photo: Liiibing

Artist Spotlight

Jia Aili

May 26–June 1, 2021

A pioneering member of a new generation of Chinese artists, Jia Aili creates dynamic paintings that at once emerge from and challenge art historical conventions in the context of a rapidly changing world. In his wide-ranging practice, which incorporates abstraction, portraiture, fantastic imagery, and scenes from daily life, he reflects on the dramatic modernization of society while probing the vulnerabilities of the existential human condition. For Jia, new meaning emerges out of both this interweaving of disparate narratives and the reconsideration of complex knowledge systems.

Photo: Liiibing

Georg Baselitz, Noch ein Orangenesser, 2020 © Georg Baselitz

Art Fair

Art Basel Hong Kong 2021

May 21–23, 2021, booth 1d30
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Gagosian is pleased to participate in Art Basel Hong Kong with a presentation of modern and contemporary painting and sculpture by gallery artists. New paintings by Georg BaselitzAlex IsraelEd Ruscha, and Sarah Sze are featured alongside exceptional works in a range of mediums by Louise BonnetTheaster GatesHenry MooreNam June Paik, and others, uncovering formal and conceptual innovations and associations that span genres and aesthetic approaches.

Georg Baselitz, Noch ein Orangenesser, 2020 © Georg Baselitz

Nam June Paik in Miami, c. 1990. Photo: Brian Smith


Nam June Paik

May 1–31, 2021

Gagosian is pleased to participate in a special presentation on 8-bridges in celebration of Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. Three sculptures and one drawing by Nam June Paik are featured in anticipation of the artist’s major retrospective at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, opening May 8. In these works, Paik uses paper and TV screens interchangeably as surfaces for gestural improvisation. Dating from the last decade of the artist’s life, they embody his playful and predictive conflations of tech and mass communication with images from nature and spontaneous mark making.

Nam June Paik in Miami, c. 1990. Photo: Brian Smith

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