Exhibitions / 2020

Piero Golia

Piero Golia

June 15–July 31, 2020

Britannia Street, London

John Chamberlain, Untitled, c. 1967

Crushed, Cast, Constructed
Sculpture by John Chamberlain, Urs Fischer, and Charles Ray

June 15–July 31, 2020

Grosvenor Hill, London

Original walnut and tuff console conceived by Curzio Malaparte in situ at Casa Malaparte, Capri

Casa Malaparte

June 15–September 19, 2020

Davies Street, London

Still from Ed Ruscha’s film L.A. Restaurants, 2019, showing the sign on Norms restaurant in Los Angeles

Alternate Meanings in Film and Video: Chapter Two

June 2–22, 2020

Gagosian Online

Sarah Sze, Ripple (Times Zero), 2020

Sarah Sze

May 23–July 18, 2020


Georg Baselitz’s studio, Ammersee, Germany, 2019

Georg Baselitz
Years later

May 21–August 8, 2020

Hong Kong

Adam McEwen, Escape from New York, 2014 (still from “Battery Tunnel”)

Alternate Meanings in Film and Video: Chapter One

May 19–June 1, 2020

Gagosian Online

Stanley Whitney, That’s Rome, 2019

Stanley Whitney

April 4–June 26, 2020


Vera Lutter, Maria Laach XII: October 23–25, 2010, 2010

Vera Lutter
Fragments of Time Past

March 27–April 25, 2020

Beverly Hills

Georg Baselitz’s studio, Ammersee, Germany, 2019

Georg Baselitz
What if...

March 12–May 2, 2020

San Francisco

Donald Judd, untitled, 1980 (detail)

Extended through July 11, 2020

Donald Judd
Artwork: 1980

March 12–July 11, 2020

West 21st Street, New York

Cy Twombly, Duino, 1967

Extended through June 27, 2020

Duino Elegies

March 5–June 27, 2020

980 Madison Avenue, New York

Rudolf Polanszky, Reconstructions / Dark Mirrors, 2019

Rudolf Polanszky

March 3–April 11, 2020

541 West 24th Street, New York

Detail of painting by Jennifer Guidi made with sand, acrylic, and oil on linen

Extended through May 30, 2020

Jennifer Guidi

February 28–May 30, 2020

555 West 24th Street, New York

Dan Colen, HELP, 2019–20

Dan Colen

February 26–April 4, 2020

Park & 75, New York

Roe Ethridge, Refrigerator, 1999

Extended through May 30, 2020

Roe Ethridge
Old Fruit

February 26–May 30, 2020

976 Madison Avenue, New York

Marc Newson, Cloisonné Blue Chair, 2017 (detail)

Marc Newson

February 13–March 15, 2020

Tarmak 22, Gstaad Saanen Airport, Switzerland

Richard Prince New Portraits

Extended through June 27, 2020

Richard Prince
New Portraits

February 6–June 27, 2020

Beverly Hills

Olivier Mosset, Untitled, 2019

Extended through June 26, 2020

Olivier Mosset

January 29–June 26, 2020


Jeff Koons, Toy Cannon, 2006–12

American Pastoral

January 23–March 14, 2020

Britannia Street, London

Y.Z. Kami, The Great Swan, 2018

Y.Z. Kami
Night Paintings

January 18–March 21, 2020


Richard Artschwager, Walker, 1964

Live in Your Head
Richard Artschwager’s Cabinet of Curiosities

January 17–March 7, 2020

Davies Street, London

Rachel Whiteread, LEAN, 2005

Blanc sur Blanc

January 16–March 7, 2020


Alex Israel, Self-Portrait (Griffith Observatory), 2017

Alex Israel
Always On My Mind

January 16–March 14, 2020

Grosvenor Hill, London