Chris Burden

One Ton One Kilo

March 7–April 4, 2009
Beverly Hills

Gagosian is pleased to present One Ton One Kilo, an exhibition by Chris Burden.

Burden juxtaposes a historical work with a new one in an ongoing exploration of the duality that underlies much of his art. Here duality resides in both the literal and figurative aspects of weights and measures, as well as in the layers of meaning embedded in the known hierarchy of materials.

Following his early controversial performance work, throughout the late ’70s and ’80s Burden’s interests shifted to broader themes relating to science, ecology, technology, and politics. He produced objects and installations that evoked the rationalism of scientific and technological discourse while undermining their claims to functionality. Memorable examples include Flying Steamroller (1996), where the massive heft of a steamroller was balanced by cement blocks to defy the forces of gravity; and Fist of Light (1992­–93), his “visual metaphor for nuclear fission,” hermetically sealed inside its own room-size structure.

Notice: One hundred kilograms of gold bricks bought by Gagosian for Chris Burden: One Ton One Kilo were purchased from Stanford Coins and Bullion, a subsidiary of Stanford Financial Group, which, as widely reported in the press, is now in receivership. Unfortunately, the gallery’s gold has been frozen while the SEC investigates Stanford.

Chris Burden: One Ton One Kilo cannot be mounted until the gold bullion is released. Please continue to check our website for a new opening date.