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January 23, 2019

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Chris Burden: Big Wrench

From January 23 to February 21, 2019, Gagosian Quarterly presented a special online screening of Chris Burden’s 1980 video Big Wrench.

Chris Burden: Big Wrench

Chris Burden, Big Wrench, 1980 (still)

This online screening is now over.

For more on Big Wrench, see Sydney Stutterheim’s essay on the brief but feverish obsession behind this work.

Presented in conjunction with a free public screening of Big Wrench at Gagosian, Britannia Street, London, on January 18, 2019, in partnership with MUBI

© 2019 Chris Burden/Licensed by the Chris Burden Estate and Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Image of American Artist, Yayoi Shionoiri, Sydney Stutterheim

In Conversation
American Artist, Yayoi Shionoiri, and Sydney Stutterheim on Poetic Practical: The Unrealized Work of Chris Burden

Join Gagosian to celebrate the publication of Poetic Practical: The Unrealized Work of Chris Burden with a conversation between American Artist, Yayoi Shionoiri, and Sydney Stutterheim presented at the Kitchen, New York. Considering the book’s sustained examination of sixty-seven projects that remained incomplete at the time of Burden’s death in 2015, the trio discuss the various ways that an artist’s work and legacy live on beyond their lifetime.

Photograph of the installation process of an unrealized performance by Chris Burden at the Newport Harbor Art Museum, California, 1974. Photo: Brian Forrest, courtesy Michael Auping

At the Edge
Chris Burden: Prelude to a Lost Performance

Michael Auping tells the Quarterly’s Alison McDonald about the preparations for a performance by Chris Burden at the Newport Harbor Art Museum in Southern California in 1974—and the event’s abrupt cancellation—providing a glimpse into the mindset of a young, aggressive, and ambitious artist in the early stages of his career.

Takashi Murakami cover and Andreas Gursky cover for Gagosian Quarterly, Summer 2022 magazine

Now available
Gagosian Quarterly Summer 2022

The Summer 2022 issue of Gagosian Quarterly is now available, with two different covers—featuring Takashi Murakami’s 108 Bonnō MURAKAMI.FLOWERS (2022) and Andreas Gursky’s V & R II (2022).

Chris Burden, model for the installation Xanadu as proposed to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 2008. Photo: Joel Searles

Chris Burden: Poetic Practical

A new publication exploring the work that Chris Burden conceived but left unrealized delves into his archive to present sixty-seven visionary projects that reveal the aspirations of this formidable artist. The book’s editors, Sydney Stutterheim and Andie Trainer, discuss its development with Yayoi Shionoiri, executive director of the Chris Burden Estate.

Big Wrench

Big Wrench

Sydney Stutterheim looks at the brief but feverish obsession behind this 1980 video by Chris Burden.

Deluxe Photo Book

Deluxe Photo Book

Sydney Stutterheim discusses Chris Burden’s Deluxe Photo Book 1971–73 on the occasion of its inclusion in About Photography at Gagosian San Francisco.

Urban Light: A Ten Year Anniversary

Urban Light: A Ten Year Anniversary

Ten years ago LACMA premiered Chris Burden’s Urban Light, which has since become an iconic landmark for the city of Los Angeles. To celebrate the anniversary, we look back to 2008 with a conversation between Chris Burden and Michael Govan, director of LACMA.



The story behind Chris Burden’s Buddha’s Fingers (2014–15) and its connection to all of his streetlamp installations. Text by Sydney Stutterheim.

Burden’s Airship Takes Flight

Burden’s Airship Takes Flight

Sydney Stutterheim investigates Chris Burden’s Ode to Santos-Dumont (2015) as the work takes flight during Art Basel Unlimited 2017.

Still from Pat Steir: Artist (2020), directed by Veronica Gonzalez Peña

Gagosian Quarterly Films
Pat Steir: Artist

From May 28 to 30, 2022, Gagosian Quarterly is presented a special continuous screening of Pat Steir: Artist, a film by Veronica Gonzalez Peña, coinciding with Steir’s exhibition at Gagosian, Rome. This intimate, revelatory documentary offers special insight into Steir’s life and career, which spans more than five decades.

Film still of the artist Emily Kame Kngwarreye painting a work

Gagosian Quarterly Films
Emily in Japan: The Making of an Exhibition

From February 25 to 27, 2022, Gagosian Quarterly presented a special continuous online screening of Emily in Japan: The Making of an Exhibition, coinciding with Emily Kame Kngwarreye’s first ever exhibition in France at Gagosian, Paris. Made by Ronin Films, and directed by Andrew Pike, this feature-length documentary tracks the development and mounting of the Kngwarreye retrospective that toured Osaka and Tokyo in 2008. Featuring interviews with the curators, Margo Neale, a leading Australian authority on Indigenous art, and Japanese critic, curator, and poet Akira Tatehata, the film underscores the historical importance of this museum presentation.

Portrait of the painter with the spray gun.

Gagosian Quarterly Films
Katharina Grosse: Think Big!

From October 21 to 23, 2021, Gagosian Quarterly presented a special English-language online screening of Claudia Müller’s Katharina Grosse: Think Big!