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Gagosian Quarterly

November 6, 2015

Zeng Fanzhi’s Blue Painting

A slideshow containing behind-the-scenes photographs of the creation of Blue (2015) by Zeng Fanzhi.

Zeng Fanzhi’s recent paintings oscillate between meticulous naturalism and gestural expressionism. Jagged black tree branches, almost cartoonish in their concise treatment and sinister appearance, eclipse sprawling nocturnal landscapes. In other paintings, disconnected branches are isolated against abstract pink, purple, and black grounds of sweeping horizontal brushstrokes.

The following slideshow contains photographs of the creation of Blue (2015), a landscape painting in the artists 2015 exhibition at Gagosian New York. These images, which show the work at various stages of production, provide a rare look into Zeng’s process.

Zeng Fanzhi’s Blue

Zeng Fanzhi creating Blue (2015)

Artwork © Zeng Fanzhi. Photos by Yoshihiko Ueda unless otherwise noted.

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