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Tom Wesselmann
Digital Catalogue Raisonné

The Wildenstein Plattner Institute (WPI), in partnership with the Estate of Tom Wesselmann, announces the preparation of a digital catalogue raisonné of the works of Tom Wesselmann. The first installment will be published on the Great American Nudes series. In advance of publication, a publicly available searchable database of all works recorded by the artist’s Estate, which incorporates ongoing research for the forthcoming catalogue raisonné, called the Tom Wesselmann Digital Corpus, has been launched.

Parallel with this effort, the Estate of Tom Wesselmann, Almine Rech, and Gagosian are also pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of Tom Wesselmann: The Great American Nudes. Edited by Susan Davidson, the monograph will be the first comprehensive publication dedicated to Wesselmann’s most famous body of work, made between 1961 and 1973. The book will include full color reproductions of each artwork, as well as related drawings, studies, and relevant works from associated series.

For collectors to confirm that a work in their possession will be included in the digital catalogue raisonné, please visit to begin the submission process.

Tom Wesselmann, Great American Nude #1, 1961 © The Estate of Tom Wesselmann/Licensed by ARS/VAGA, New York

Tom Wesselmann, Great American Nude #1, 1961 © The Estate of Tom Wesselmann/Licensed by ARS/VAGA, New York

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Tom Wesselmann, Great American Nude #5, 1961 © The Estate of Tom Wesselmann/Licensed by ARS/VAGA, New York

Panel Discussion

The Legacy of Tom Wesselmann
Estate Management and Catalogue Raisonné

Thursday, November 5, 2020, 5pm est

As part of Gagosian’s Building a Legacy program, Jeffrey Sturges, director of exhibitions for the Estate of Tom Wesselmann; Susan Davidson, curator and art historian; Huffa Frobes-Cross, Tom Wesselmann catalogue raisonné project manager at the Wildenstein Plattner Institute; and Rani Singh, director of special projects at Gagosian, will discuss the steps involved in transitioning from a working artist’s studio to an estate. They will also speak about the decision to publish the catalogue raisonné as a digital-only volume, as well as the forthcoming printed monograph on the Great American Nudes, edited by Davidson and with an illustrated chronology by Lauren Mahony. To join, register at

Tom Wesselmann, Great American Nude #5, 1961 © The Estate of Tom Wesselmann/Licensed by ARS/VAGA, New York

Tom Wesselmann: Standing Still Lifes (New York: Gagosian, 2018)

Online Reading

Tom Wesselmann
Standing Still Lifes

Tom Wesselmann: Standing Still Lifes is available for online reading from August 30 through September 28 as part of the From the Library series. The publication features nine monumental works made by Wesselmann between 1967 and 1981, shown together for the first time as a complete series in 2018 at Gagosian, 555 West 24th Street, New York. Each large-scale work comprises multiple canvases, both hanging and standing, shaped according to the outlines of the commonplace objects that they depict. The catalogue features a text by Ara H. Merjian, a conversation between Michael Craig-Martin and Jeffrey Sturges, and a chronology by Lauren Mahony.

Tom Wesselmann: Standing Still Lifes (New York: Gagosian, 2018)

Tom Wesselmann, Great American Nude #34, 1962 © The Estate of Tom Wesselmann/Licensed by ARS/VAGA, New York


Two Men from Cincinnati
Tom Wesselmann’s 1962 Debut at the Green Gallery with Susan Davidson

Tuesday, October 4, 2022, 1pm EdT

As part of the Wildenstein Plattner Institute’s webinar series Pop Places 1958–1966, curator and art historian Susan Davidson will discuss research from her upcoming monograph devoted to the stylistic development and reception of Tom Wesselmann’s most famous body of work, the Great American Nude series (1961–69/73), many of which were shown at the Green Gallery in New York in 1962. Each of these midday talks is dedicated to a different key New York exhibition space of the Pop era from an array of sites where artists, gallerists, and critics collectively worked through and developed the forms, ideas, and challenges that would later become identified with the Pop art movement.


Tom Wesselmann, Great American Nude #34, 1962 © The Estate of Tom Wesselmann/Licensed by ARS/VAGA, New York

Image of Donald Judd with Jeff Kopie, Architecture Office, Marfa, Texas, 1993

There is No Neutral Space: The Architecture of Donald Judd, Part 2

In this second installment of a two-part essay, Julian Rose continues his exploration of Donald Judd’s engagement with architecture. Here, he examines the artist’s proposals for projects in Bregenz, Austria, and in Basel, arguing that Judd’s approach to shaping space provides a model for contemporary architectural production.

Jordan Wolfson’s House with Face (2017) on the cover of Gagosian Quarterly, Fall 2022

Now available
Gagosian Quarterly Fall 2022

The Fall 2022 issue of Gagosian Quarterly is now available, featuring Jordan Wolfson’s House with Face (2017) on its cover.

Image of Jordan Wolfson taking a mirror selfie

Picture Books: Sam Lipsyte and Jordan Wolfson

The third book published by Picture Books, an imprint organized by Emma Cline and Gagosian, is Sam Lipsyte’s Novella Friend of the Pod. Accompanying the text is a new artwork by Jordan Wolfson. In celebration of this forthcoming publication, Lipsyte and Wolfson speak with their mutual friend Joey Frank about the year 1993, eroticism and art, and what the proliferation of podcasts is doing to the ego.

Black and white composite image of Michael Craig-Martin and Jan Dalley

In Conversation
Michael Craig-Martin and Jan Dalley

Michael Craig-Martin and Jan Dalley sat down together in London as part of this year’s FT Weekend Festival. Join the two for a conversation about the artist’s long career in art, teaching, and writing, as well as his latest projects. A principal figure of British conceptual art, Craig-Martin probes the relationship between objects and images, harnessing the human capacity to imagine absent forms through symbols and pictures.

Image of Chloe Barter, John Kasmin and Paul Moorhouse

In Conversation
Chloe Barter, John Kasmin, and Paul Moorhouse on Anthony Caro

Join Chloe Barter, John Kasmin, and Paul Moorhouse as they discuss the work and legacy of Anthony Caro. Their conversation took place in conjunction with the exhibition Caro and North American Painters, which included sculptures by Anthony Caro from the 1960s and 1970s, shown together with contemporaneous paintings by his friends and peers.

Setsuko and Y.Z. Kami

In Conversation
Setsuko and Y.Z. Kami

The artists address their shared ardor for poetry, the surfaces of painting, and nature.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Wall of Oil Barrels—The Iron Curtain (1961–62) on rue Visconti, Paris, June 27, 1962. Artwork © Christo and Jeanne-Claude Foundation. Photo: Jean-Dominique Lajoux

The Iron Curtain: Christo & Jeanne-Claude

To mark the sixtieth anniversary of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s seminal installation The Iron Curtain, author William Middleton addresses the radicality of this work and its enduring relevance to the artists’ subsequent projects.

Author, curator, and podcaster Katy Hessel met with the artist Somaya Critchlow to discuss Hessel’s latest publication, The Story of Art without Men.

Katy Hessel: The Story of Art without Men

Author, curator, and podcaster Katy Hessel met with the artist Somaya Critchlow to discuss Hessel’s latest publication, The Story of Art without Men.

Image of boy submerged in water with multi-colored balloons

Tyler Mitchell: This Side of Paradise

Brendan Embser reports on his encounter with Tyler Mitchell’s newest series of photographs, addressing their aesthetic motifs and art-historical references, while charting the development of these works in relation to the photographer’s earlier projects.

Black and white image of Minnette De Silva

Minnette De Silva

Amie Corry traces the trailblazing Sri Lankan architect’s biography, philosophy, and achievements.

Installation view, Tatiana Trouvé: The Great Atlas of Disorientation, Centre Pompidou, Paris

Tatiana Trouvé: Le grand atlas de la désorientation

In this video, Tatiana Trouvé provides an overview of her latest installation, presented at the Centre Pompidou, Paris. The exhibition, whose title translates to The Great Atlas of Disorientation, includes a selection of drawings and sculptures that create fantastical landscapes where reality engages in infinite exchanges with its doubles.

Photograph of the execution of Giuseppe Penone’s frottages in La Tourette, Éveux, France. Giuseppe Penone, Le Bois Sacré (The Sacred Forest), 2022, prepared canvas oil and wax pastel

Giuseppe Penone À La Tourette

Le Couvent Sainte-Marie de La Tourette, in Éveux, France, is both an active Dominican priory and the last building designed by Le Corbusier. As a result, the priory, completed in 1961, is a center both religious and architectural, a site of spiritual significance and a magnetic draw for artists, writers, architects, and others. This fall, at the invitation of Frère Marc Chauveau, Giuseppe Penone will be exhibiting a selection of existing sculptures at La Tourette alongside new work directly inspired by the context and materials of the building. Here, Penone and Frère Chauveau discuss the power and peculiarities of the space, as well as the artwork that will be exhibited there.