Exhibitions / Hong Kong

Albert Oehlen, Untitled, 2019
Albert Oehlen
New Paintings
Hong Kong
September 12–October 26, 2019
Marc Newson, Cloisonné Black Blossom Lounge, 2017
Marc Newson
Hong Kong
May 23–July 27, 2019
Painting by Paul Cézanne depicting vase with flowers in bloom.
Cézanne, Morandi, and Sanyu
Hong Kong
March 26–May 11, 2019
Roe Ethridge: Sanctuary, Hong Kong
Roe Ethridge
Hong Kong
January 24–March 9, 2019
Laws of Motion: Josh Kline, Jeff Koons, Cady Noland, Rosemarie Trockel, Jeff Wall, Anicka Yi, Hong Kong
Laws of Motion
Josh Kline, Jeff Koons, Cady Noland, Rosemarie Trockel, Jeff Wall, Anicka Yi
Hong Kong
November 20–December 21, 2018
Takashi Murakami: Change the Rule!, Hong Kong
Takashi Murakami
Change the Rule!
Hong Kong
September 20–November 10, 2018
Alex Israel: New Waves, Hong Kong
Alex Israel
New Waves
Hong Kong
May 24–August 11, 2018
Jennifer Guidi: Heliocentric, Hong Kong
Jennifer Guidi
Hong Kong
March 26–May 12, 2018
Damien Hirst: Visual Candy and Natural History, Hong Kong
Damien Hirst
Visual Candy and Natural History
Hong Kong
November 23, 2017–March 3, 2018
Arcadia: 世外桃源, Hong Kong
Hong Kong
September 26–November 9, 2017
Taryn Simon: Portraits and Surrogates, Hong Kong
Taryn Simon
Portraits and Surrogates
Hong Kong
May 25–August 5, 2017
Urs Fischer, Hong Kong
Urs Fischer
Hong Kong
March 20–May 13, 2017
Howard Hodgkin: In the Pink, Hong Kong
Howard Hodgkin
In the Pink
Hong Kong
January 19–March 11, 2017
間 (jiān), Hong Kong
間 (jiān)
Hong Kong
November 25, 2016–January 7, 2017
Anish Kapoor, Hong Kong
Anish Kapoor
Hong Kong
September 12–November 5, 2016
Thomas Houseago: Psychedelic Brothers – Drawn Paintings, Hong Kong
Thomas Houseago
Psychedelic Brothers – Drawn Paintings
Hong Kong
May 27–August 13, 2016
Dan Colen: When I’m Gone, Hong Kong
Dan Colen
When I’m Gone
Hong Kong
March 21–May 13, 2016
Giuseppe Penone: Leaves of Stone / Foglie di pietra, Hong Kong
Giuseppe Penone
Leaves of Stone / Foglie di pietra
Hong Kong
January 21–March 12, 2016
The Shape of Time: In Collaboration with Gisèle Croës, Hong Kong
The Shape of Time
In Collaboration with Gisèle Croës
Hong Kong
November 26, 2015–January 9, 2016
Nam June Paik: The Late Style, Hong Kong
Nam June Paik
The Late Style
Hong Kong
September 17–November 7, 2015
Balthus, Hong Kong
Hong Kong
May 28–August 15, 2015
Rudolf Stingel, Hong Kong
Rudolf Stingel
Hong Kong
March 12–May 9, 2015
Jonas Wood and Shio Kusaka: Blackwelder, Hong Kong
Jonas Wood and Shio Kusaka
Hong Kong
January 16–February 28, 2015
Jeff Koons: Hulk Elvis, Hong Kong
Jeff Koons
Hulk Elvis
Hong Kong
November 6–December 20, 2014
Sterling Ruby: Vivids, Hong Kong
Sterling Ruby
Hong Kong
September 13–October 25, 2014
Michael Craig-Martin, Hong Kong
Michael Craig-Martin
Hong Kong
June 12–August 16, 2014
Giacometti: Without End, Hong Kong
Without End
Hong Kong
March 13–May 31, 2014
Frank Gehry: Fish Lamps, Hong Kong
Frank Gehry
Fish Lamps
Hong Kong
January 16–February 22, 2014
Tetsuya Ishida, Hong Kong
Tetsuya Ishida
Hong Kong
November 7–December 21, 2013
Florian Maier-Aichen, Hong Kong
Florian Maier-Aichen
Hong Kong
September 14–October 26, 2013
Jean-Michel Basquiat, Hong Kong
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Hong Kong
May 21–August 10, 2013
Group Show, Hong Kong
Group Show
Hong Kong
March 21–May 4, 2013
Takashi Murakami: Flowers & Skulls, Hong Kong
Takashi Murakami
Flowers & Skulls
Hong Kong
November 29, 2012–February 9, 2013
Cy Twombly: The Last Paintings, Hong Kong
Cy Twombly
The Last Paintings
Hong Kong
June 28–August 11, 2012
Andreas Gursky, Hong Kong
Andreas Gursky
Hong Kong
May 15–June 16, 2012
Sculpture, Hong Kong
Hong Kong
March 22–April 27, 2012
Damien Hirst: The Complete Spot Paintings 1986–2011, Hong Kong
Damien Hirst
The Complete Spot Paintings 1986–2011
Hong Kong
January 12–March 3, 2012
Roy Lichtenstein: Landscapes in the Chinese Style, Hong Kong
Roy Lichtenstein
Landscapes in the Chinese Style
Hong Kong
November 12–December 22, 2011
Zeng Fanzhi, Hong Kong
Zeng Fanzhi
Hong Kong
September 24–November 5, 2011
Richard Prince, Hong Kong
Richard Prince
Hong Kong
May 24–July 16, 2011
Figures in a Landscape, Hong Kong
Figures in a Landscape
Hong Kong
April 1–May 14, 2011
Damien Hirst: Forgotten Promises, Hong Kong
Damien Hirst
Forgotten Promises
Hong Kong
January 18–March 19, 2011