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Art Basel OVR: Pioneers
Innovate, Originate, Overturn: Modern and Contemporary Pioneers

March 24–27, 2021

Gagosian is pleased to present Innovate, Originate, Overturn: Modern and Contemporary Pioneers, an exclusive online project for Art Basel’s launch of OVR: Pioneers. The presentation will include works by Helen Frankenthaler, Theaster Gates, Andreas Gursky, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Nam June Paik, and Rachel Whiteread.

At once mavericks, inventors, and disruptors, pioneering artists reconsider the very nature of the art object, and in so doing often introduce new materials and processes. For this special themed edition of Art Basel’s Online Viewing Rooms, Gagosian presents works by modern and contemporary artists who exemplify this commitment to pushing aesthetics, critical discourse, and the creative process into uncharted territories. The presentation will be viewable concurrently at Gagosian Online.

Works by Helen Frankenthaler and Nam June Paik attest to their tremendous influence on subsequent generations—in terms of technique, with Frankenthaler’s innovative soak-stain method of painting, and material, in Paik’s radical blending of screen technology with physical elements and haptic expressiveness. In Rachel Whiteread’s sculptural oeuvre, materials more commonly associated with industrial production are brought to bear on intimate human objects through the negative-to-positive casting process that became synonymous with her art. Andreas Gursky’s epic photographs of natural landscapes and built environments reveal the mesmerizing patterns and interconnectedness of globalized existence.

Other participating artists bring pioneering perspectives to the character and perception of the art object itself. In producing aesthetic objects from used materials charged with social and political content, Theaster Gates proposes the work of art as a communicating vessel of history and shared experience; while Jeff Koons reinvents and reinvigorates exacting and alluring artisanal fabrication processes, employing a lexicon of cultural symbols and technologies to create popular icons for our time. Embracing dichotomy and paradox, Damien Hirst uses strategies of taxonomic systematization and cool seriality in his unflinching explorations of beauty, life, and death.

The invitation-only VIP preview in Art Basel’s Online Viewing Rooms begins on Wednesday, March 24, at 9am edt, and the presentation opens to the public on Thursday, March 25, at 9am edt and runs through Saturday, March 27, at 7pm edt. OVR: Pioneers is viewable on Gagosian Online from Wednesday, March 24, at 9am edt through Saturday, March 27, at 7pm edt.

To receive a pdf with detailed information on the works, please contact the gallery at

Theaster Gates, American Tapestry, 2019 © Theaster Gates

Theaster Gates, American Tapestry, 2019 © Theaster Gates

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Photo: Alejandro Ernesto/EPA/Shutterstock

Artist Spotlight

Albert Oehlen

April 7–13, 2021

Albert Oehlen’s oeuvre is a testament to the innate freedom of the creative act. Through expressionist brushwork, surrealist methodology, and self-conscious amateurism he engages with the history of abstract painting, pushing the basic components of abstraction to new extremes. Oehlen is perhaps best known for his embrace of “bad” painting. Alongside his many rules, he allows a certain awkwardness to enter his work, introducing unsettling gestures, crudely drawn figures, visceral smears of artificial pigments, bold hues, and flesh tones. In this way, he attests to the infinite combinations of form made possible through painting, and shows that these combinations can be manipulated at the artist’s will to produce novel perceptual challenges for the viewer.

Photo: Alejandro Ernesto/EPA/Shutterstock

Left: Rachel Feinstein, Corine, 2018 © Rachel Feinstein. Photo: Jeff McLane. Right: Ewa Juszkiewicz, Untitled (after Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun), 2021 © Ewa Juszkiewicz

Art Fair

Frieze New York 2021
Rachel Feinstein and Ewa Juszkiewicz

May 5–9, 2021, booth B7
The Shed, New York

Gagosian is pleased to announce its participation in Frieze New York at the Shed, the first in-person art fair of 2021 in the United States, with sculptures by Rachel Feinstein and paintings by Ewa Juszkiewicz.

Inspired by Baroque and Rococo sculpture, religious iconography, Romantic landscapes, and popular culture, Feinstein explores taste and desire, synthesizing elegance and kitsch. Juszkiewicz’s meticulously precise oil portraits also draw on traditions of classical European painting—her sources date from the Renaissance through the nineteenth century—but with added touches of the surreal, the fantastical, and the grotesque.

Left: Rachel Feinstein, Corine, 2018 © Rachel Feinstein. Photo: Jeff McLane. Right: Ewa Juszkiewicz, Untitled (after Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun), 2021 © Ewa Juszkiewicz

Jeff Koons, Bluebird Planter, 2010–16 © Jeff Koons

Art Fair

FIAC Online 2021
Printemps oublié

March 2–12, 2021

Gagosian is pleased to present Printemps oublié for the first online edition of FIAC. This curated presentation reflects the dual character of springtime as a reminder of past trials and the harbinger of a vibrant new season to come.

All the artworks will appear on the Gagosian website and a rotating selection will appear in the inaugural FIAC Online Viewing Rooms, from March 4 to 7.

Jeff Koons, Bluebird Planter, 2010–16 © Jeff Koons

Albert Oehlen: In the Studio

Albert Oehlen: In the Studio

This film by Albert Oehlen, with music by Tim Berresheim, takes us inside the artist’s studio in Switzerland as he works on a new painting.

Gerhard Richter’s Helen (1963) on the cover of Gagosian Quarterly, Spring 2021

Now available
Gagosian Quarterly Spring 2021

The Spring 2021 issue of Gagosian Quarterly is now available, featuring Gerhard Richter’s Helen (1963) on its cover.

Albert Oehlen and Mark Godfrey

In Conversation
Albert Oehlen and Mark Godfrey

Albert Oehlen speaks to Mark Godfrey about a recent group of abstract paintings, “academic” art, reversing habits, and questioning rules.

Gerhard Richter working on one of his Cage paintings, Cologne, Germany, 2006. Artwork © Gerhard Richter 2020 (05102020). Photo: © Hubert Becker

Gerhard Richter

Hans Ulrich Obrist traces the history behind Richter’s Cage paintings and speaks with the artist about their creation.

Setsuko in front of the Grand Chalet de Rossinière in Switzerland where she lives and works.

The Grand Chalet: An interview with Setsuko

On the twentieth anniversary of Balthus’s death, Setsuko gives an intimate tour of the Grand Chalet and reflects on how the 1754 Swiss mountain home enriched their lives as artists.

Adriana Varejão: In the Studio

Work in Progress
Adriana Varejão: In the Studio

Join Adriana Varejão at her studio in Rio de Janeiro as she prepares for her upcoming exhibition at Gagosian in New York. She speaks about the inspirations for her “tile” paintings, from Portuguese azulejos to the Brazilian Baroque to the Talavera ceramic tradition of Mexico, and reveals for the first time her unique process for creating these works.

Light blue title page with "Compass" in the center and white line radiating out.


A short story by Cleyvis Natera, published here on the occasion of the Quarterlys collaboration with pen America.

Francis Bacon in his studio in Battersea, London. Photo: © The Cecil Beaton Studio Archive at Sotheby’s

The Art of Biography: Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan

Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan, coauthors of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize–winning biography of Willem de Kooning, speak with Michael Cary about the research and revelations that went into their forthcoming biography of Francis Bacon.

Ming Smith, Self-Portrait as Josephine, New York, 1986

On Ming Smith: A Life of Magical Thinking

An interview by Nicola Vassell.

David Adjaye (left). Photo: Chris Schwagga. Zoë Ryan (right). Photo: Clare Britt

In Conversation
Sir David Adjaye OBE and Zoë Ryan

Architect David Adjaye discusses his archival project Adjaye Africa Architecture: A Photographic Survey of Metropolitan Architecture with Zoë Ryan, Daniel W. Dietrich, II Director of the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania. For this decade-long project, published in seven volumes, Adjaye traveled to the capital city of every major African country to photograph the continent’s built environment.

Cy Twombly, Untitled, 1990, acrylic, wax crayon, and pencil on handmade paper, 30 ⅝ × 21 ⅝ inches (77.8 × 54.8 cm)

Twombly and the Poets

Anne Boyer, the inaugural winner of the Cy Twombly Award in Poetry, composes a poem in response to TwomblyAristaeus Mourning the Loss of His Bees (1973) and introduces a portfolio of the painters works accompanied by the poems that inspired them.

Black-and-white photograph: Donald Marron, c. 1984.

Donald Marron

Jacoba Urist profiles the legendary collector.