Exhibitions / Urs Fischer

Dollar sign painted on a bright pink background
Andy Warhol’s Long Shadow
Hong Kong
March 25–June 22, 2024
Profile of a brunette woman on a dark blue background with a single white tulip obscuring her eye
Urs Fischer
rue de Castiglione, Paris
March 5–May 25, 2024
12-foot cube that displays a sequence of fragments from international television commercials
Urs Fischer
433 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills
July 20–November 4, 2023
Painting by Urs Fischer featuring fragmented images of various objects collaged on a cityscape
Urs Fischer
Ice Cream Truck Democracy
Beverly Hills
March 9–April 22, 2023
Various items including a Ken doll, toilet paper, and eight ball that are part of the one thousand digital objects from the CHAOS series by Urs Fischer
Urs Fischer
555 West 24th Street, New York
September 9–October 15, 2022
Digital sculpture of a pave-diamond bird joined to a orange pepper
Urs Fischer
CHAOS #1–#500
Gagosian at Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles
August 20–October 29, 2022
Painting featuring a woman’s eyes, with one shut, and nose, in orange tones
Swiss Made
From Ferdinand Hodler to Urs Fischer
July 15–September 17, 2022
Painting by Jim Shaw featuring a portrait of a man who has an another man who is wiping tears from his eyes coming out of the top of his head
Haunted Realism
Grosvenor Hill, London
June 9–August 26, 2022
Jennifer Guidi, Light on the Mountain (Painted Green Sand #7A, Light Pink-Pink-Orange-Yellow Sky, Dark Purple-Blue Mountain, Green Ground), 2020
An Ideal Landscape
980 Madison Avenue, New York
February 9–March 27, 2021
Zeng Fanzhi, Untitled, 2020
Hong Kong Exchange
Hong Kong
January 28–April 30, 2021
Glenn Brown, Christina of Denmark, 2008
Bustes de Femmes
Paris 10th Anniversary Exhibition
rue de Ponthieu, Paris
October 10–December 18, 2020
John Chamberlain, Untitled, c. 1967
Crushed, Cast, Constructed
Sculpture by John Chamberlain, Urs Fischer, and Charles Ray
Grosvenor Hill, London
June 15–July 31, 2020
Jeff Koons, Toy Cannon, 2006–12
American Pastoral
Britannia Street, London
January 23–March 14, 2020
Urs Fischer, Leo (George & Irmelin), 2019
Urs Fischer
rue de Ponthieu, Paris
October 14–December 20, 2019
Facade of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris
An Exhibition for Notre-Dame
rue de Ponthieu, Paris
June 11–July 27, 2019
Visions of the Self: Rembrandt and Now: In partnership with English Heritage, Grosvenor Hill, London
Visions of the Self: Rembrandt and Now
In partnership with English Heritage
Grosvenor Hill, London
April 12–May 18, 2019
Urs Fischer: Images, Beverly Hills
Urs Fischer
Beverly Hills
January 11–February 9, 2019
Urs Fischer: Dasha, Davies Street, London
Urs Fischer
Davies Street, London
September 12–December 15, 2018
Urs Fischer: PLAY with choreography by Madeline Hollander, West 21st Street, New York
Urs Fischer
PLAY with choreography by Madeline Hollander
West 21st Street, New York
September 6–October 13, 2018
Urs Fischer: Things, New York
Urs Fischer
New York
May 15–June 23, 2018
Urs Fischer: Sōtatsu, 980 Madison Avenue, New York
Urs Fischer
980 Madison Avenue, New York
May 3–June 23, 2018
About Photography, San Francisco
About Photography
San Francisco
April 24–June 30, 2018
Close at Hand: Modern and Contemporary Sculpture, San Francisco
Close at Hand
Modern and Contemporary Sculpture
San Francisco
January 9–February 24, 2018
Urs Fischer, Hong Kong
Urs Fischer
Hong Kong
March 20–May 13, 2017
Urs Fischer: Mind Moves, San Francisco
Urs Fischer
Mind Moves
San Francisco
October 21–December 23, 2016
Urs Fischer: Misunderstandings in the Quest for the Universal, 980 Madison Avenue, New York
Urs Fischer
Misunderstandings in the Quest for the Universal
980 Madison Avenue, New York
March 1–April 23, 2016
Beverly Hills 20-Year Anniversary Invitational Exhibition, 1995–2015, Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills 20-Year Anniversary Invitational Exhibition, 1995–2015
Beverly Hills
October 30–December 19, 2015
Urs Fischer: Fountains, Beverly Hills
Urs Fischer
Beverly Hills
September 15–October 17, 2015
Sprayed: Works from 1929 to 2015, Britannia Street, London
Works from 1929 to 2015
Britannia Street, London
June 11–August 1, 2015
Summer Group Show, 980 Madison Avenue, New York
Summer Group Show
980 Madison Avenue, New York
May 8–September 10, 2015
Horror vacui, Merlin Street, Athens
Horror vacui
Merlin Street, Athens
October 30–December 20, 2014
Urs Fischer, 980 Madison Avenue, New York
Urs Fischer
980 Madison Avenue, New York
October 28, 2014–January 17, 2015
Le Jardin Décomposé / Decomposed Garden, Le Bourget
Le Jardin Décomposé / Decomposed Garden
Le Bourget
October 14, 2014–February 28, 2015
Horror vacui, Geneva
Horror vacui
October 2–December 20, 2014
Urs Fischer: last supper, Park & 75, New York
Urs Fischer
last supper
Park & 75, New York
April 3–May 8, 2014
Urs Fischer: mermaid / pig / bro w/ hat, Delancey Street, New York
Urs Fischer
mermaid / pig / bro w/ hat
Delancey Street, New York
April 3–May 23, 2014
An American in Paris: Works from a Private Collection, Le Bourget
An American in Paris
Works from a Private Collection
Le Bourget
January 28–July 19, 2014
A photo of flowers with a Rorschach effect.
Urs Fischer
September 18–October 26, 2013
Urs Fischer: Tables, Heads, and Arms, Eden Rock—St. Barths
Urs Fischer
Tables, Heads, and Arms
Eden Rock—St. Barths
December 28, 2012–January 31, 2013
Micro Mania, rue de Ponthieu, Paris
Micro Mania
rue de Ponthieu, Paris
April 18–May 31, 2012
Urs Fischer: schmutz schmutz, rue de Ponthieu, Paris
Urs Fischer
schmutz schmutz
rue de Ponthieu, Paris
April 5–May 26, 2012
Urs Fischer: Beds & Problem Paintings, Beverly Hills
Urs Fischer
Beds & Problem Paintings
Beverly Hills
February 23–April 7, 2012