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Art Fair

Zona Maco 2022

February 9–13, 2022
Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City

Gagosian is pleased to announce its return to Zona Maco México Arte Contemporáneo for the first time since 2018; significantly, this is also the gallery’s first in-person art fair of 2022. Gagosian is presenting a specially curated selection of dynamic paintings, sculptures, and works on paper by iconic figures long associated with the gallery, juxtaposed with works by key contemporary artists. Many of the featured artists are being represented at Zona Maco for the first time.

Highlights of Gagosian’s booth include a 2019 John Currin painting depicting Desdemona, the Venetian beauty from Shakespeare’s Othello; and Rachel Feinstein’s Feathers (2018), one of a series of sculptures that explores ideas of attraction and spectacle by improvising on the figures and costumes of Victoria’s Secret models. Cefprozil (2011), one of Damien Hirst’s iconic Spot Paintings, is complemented by Rachel Whiteread’s sculpture Untitled (November) (2020), in which ten brightly colored cylindrical forms are aligned on a shelf. Nude Drawing 4/14/2000 (2000), a languorous figure painting by Tom Wesselmann, and Richard Prince’s untitled photographic portraits appropriated from popular Instagram accounts present radically divergent takes on the female form, while works by Helen Frankenthaler and Jennifer Guidi embody varying but equally evocative approaches to painterly abstraction. Finally, Adam McEwen’s Yellow Tesla (2018) collides spectacularly with Andy Warhol’s Car Crash (1978), one of a group of works by the Pop master presented together in a blue-tinted enclave within the booth.

For this year’s installment, Zona Maco is collaborating with Tom Postma Design architects to redefine the space of the art fair, encouraging new forms of interaction with collectors, institutions, and the general public.

Featured artists include Georg Baselitz, Chris Burden, John Chamberlain, Michael Craig-Martin, Rachel Feinstein, Helen Frankenthaler, Mark Grotjahn, Jennifer Guidi, Damien Hirst, Adam McEwen, Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince, Ed Ruscha, Spencer Sweeney, Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann, and Rachel Whiteread.

To receive a pdf with detailed information on the works, please contact the gallery at

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Rachel Whiteread, Untitled (November), 2020 (detail) © Rachel Whiteread. Photo: Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd.

Rachel Whiteread, Untitled (November), 2020 (detail) © Rachel Whiteread. Photo: Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd.

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Damien Hirst, Garden of Celebration, 2023 © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, DACS/Artimage 2023. Photo: Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd

Art Fair

Frieze London 2023
Damien Hirst

October 12–15, 2023, booth E7
Regent’s Park, London

Gagosian is pleased to present a special solo presentation of new paintings by Damien Hirst in commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of Frieze London. These previously unseen works exemplify the artist’s endless capacity for invention.

In The Secret Gardens Paintings (2023), Hirst depicts thriving gardens in which different species of vibrantly colored flowers emerge from their verdant surroundings in a style that balances the designed and the natural, the harmonious and the chaotic. Rendering blooms, shrubs, and ponds in quick but convincing detail, he also incorporates consciously indistinct passages before finally adding an abstract layer to each canvas by hurling thick paint at its surface from a loaded brush.

Damien Hirst, Garden of Celebration, 2023 © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, DACS/Artimage 2023. Photo: Prudence Cuming Associates Ltd

Urs Fischer, Wave, 2018 (detail) © Urs Fischer

Public Installation

Urs Fischer

October 14–November 30, 2023
Place Vendôme, Paris

Gagosian is pleased to present Urs Fischer’s public sculpture Wave (2018). The work will be installed at Place Vendôme in Paris from October 14 as part of Paris+ par Art Basel.

Wave is the sixth sculpture in Fischer’s series Big Clays. Despite their imposing scale, these works always begin with a small piece or pieces of clay shaped in the artist’s hand. Fischer describes this process as “a sensual and repetitive gesture, like a bodily motion,” which he ends prior to conscious intervention. After making hundreds of such forms, he selects only one to be digitally scanned and carved at an enlarged scale. Unlike a cast form or a digital replica, the resulting work preserves the nuanced tactility of the original maquette, magnifying its details—down to the artist’s fingerprints—into a monument.

Urs Fischer, Wave, 2018 (detail) © Urs Fischer

Franz West, Plakatentwurf (Sale, Gagosian Gallery), 2005 (detail) © Archiv Franz West, © Estate Franz West, courtesy Franz West Privatstiftung

Art Fair

Frieze Masters 2023
Franz West: Papier

October 12–15, 2023, booth E01
Regent’s Park, London

Gagosian is pleased to participate in the 2023 edition of Frieze Masters with a presentation of paper-based works by Franz West that spans his career from the early 1970s through the 2010s, conceived in association with the Estate of Franz West and through the initiative of the Franz West Privatstiftung. Chosen in collaboration with artist Oscar Murillo, the selection in London highlights West’s irreverence and ingenuity.

Collaging and overpainting imagery from print media, West disrupted the pictorial continuity of his sources and confounded expectations between public display and subjective experience. Blending abstraction and figuration, West’s works on paper exhibit an absurdist wit, with some exploring a mischievous vulgarity through an emphasis on bodily functions and erotic themes.

Franz West, Plakatentwurf (Sale, Gagosian Gallery), 2005 (detail) © Archiv Franz West, © Estate Franz West, courtesy Franz West Privatstiftung

Dorothy Lichtenstein and Irving Blum stand next to each other in front of Roy Lichtenstein's studio in Southampton, New York

In Conversation
Irving Blum and Dorothy Lichtenstein

In celebration of the centenary of Roy Lichtenstein’s birth, Irving Blum and Dorothy Lichtenstein sat down to discuss the artist’s life and legacy, and the exhibition Lichtenstein Remembered: Curated by Irving Blum, at Gagosian in New York.

Derrick Adams’s Everything and a Ring (2023) on the cover of Gagosian Quarterly, Fall 2023

Now available
Gagosian Quarterly Fall 2023

The Fall 2023 issue of Gagosian Quarterly is now available, featuring Derrick Adams’s Everything and a Ring (2023) on its cover.



Writers and curators Dodie Kazanjian and Alison Gingeras spoke with the Quarterly’s Alison McDonald about the arts organization Art&Newport and the possibilities the historic Rhode Island town offers contemporary artists. Their current exhibition, Games, Gamblers & Cartomancers: The New Cardsharps, on view through October 1, 2023, examines the varied custom of card play and includes artists such as John Currin, Hadi Falapishi, and Katie Stout.

Film still of Alice Rohrwacher's La Chimera

Tombs of Beauty

Mike Stinavage talks to director Alice Rohrwacher about her latest film, La Chimera, which premiered at Cannes in the spring and will screen at the New York Film Festival in October, 2023.

Ashley Bickerton's studio

The Importance of Elsewhere: on Ashley Bickerton

This documentary film includes footage of Ashley Bickerton as he gives a tour of his Bali studio during his final year, as well as interviews with artists Matthew Barney, Mark Dion, Damien Hirst, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Jon Kessler, and writer Paul Theroux.

Helen Marden and Kiki Smith

In Conversation
Helen Marden and Kiki Smith

Ahead of her exhibition in Athens this fall, Helen Marden met with longtime friend Kiki Smith at her home in the West Village to discuss the bravery of color and the power of intuition.

Sarah Sze, Timekeeper

Sarah Sze: Timelapse

In this video, Sarah Sze elaborates on the creation of her solo exhibition Timelapse, on view through September 10, 2023. The show features a series of site-specific installations throughout the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, that explore her ongoing reflection on how our experience of time and place is continuously reshaped in relationship to the constant stream of objects, images, and information in today’s digitally and materially saturated world. In Sze’s reimagination of the Guggenheim’s iconic architecture, designed in the 1940s by Frank Lloyd Wright, the building becomes a public timekeeper reminding us that timelines are built through shared experience and memory.

Painting of a person kneeling on the floor with crab claw hands

Tetsuya Ishida: My Weak Self, My Pitiful Self, My Anxious Self

The largest exhibition of the Japanese artist Tetsuya Ishida’s work ever mounted in the United States will open at Gagosian, New York, in September 2023. Curated by Cecilia Alemani, the show tracks the full scope of Ishida’s career. In this excerpt from Alemani’s essay in the exhibition catalogue, she contextualizes Ishida’s paintings against the background of a fraught era in Japan’s history and investigates the work’s enduring relevance in our own time.

Château La Coste

Jennifer Guidi: Mountain Range

In this video, produced by Château La Coste, Jennifer Guidi discusses her latest solo exhibition, Mountain Range, conceived in response to the architecture of Château La Coste’s Richard Rogers Gallery and the surrounding landscape of Provence in the South of France. The exhibition, organized in collaboration with Gagosian, is now on view through September 3, 2023.

Five white objects lined up on a white shelf

to light, and then return—Edmund de Waal and Sally Mann

This fall, artists and friends Edmund de Waal and Sally Mann will exhibit new works together in New York. Inspired by their shared love of poetry, fragments, and metamorphosis, the works included will form a dialogue between their respective practices. Here they meet to speak about the origins and developments of the project.

Close up self portrait of the musician Anohni

ANOHNI: My Back Was a Bridge for You to Cross

British-born, New York–based artist ANOHNI returned with her sixth studio album, My Back Was a Bridge for You to Cross, this past summer. Here she speaks with Michael Cuby about the genesis of the project and the value of life.

still from video of eyeball

Douglas Gordon: if when why what

Douglas Gordon took over the Piccadilly Lights advertising screen in London’s Piccadilly Circus, as well as a global network of screens in cities including Berlin, Melbourne, Milan, New York, and Seoul, nightly for three minutes at 20:22 (8:22pm) throughout December 2022, with his new film, if when why what (2018–22). The project was presented by the Cultural Institute of Radical Contemporary Art (CIRCA) in conjunction with the exhibition Douglas Gordon: Neon Ark at Gagosian, Davies Street, London.